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Dogs on Parade

We love dogs—there’s no doubt about it. From their wagging tails to every new adventure they lead us on—dogs have a way to spread happiness and complete families. It’s about time we show them off to the rest of the world and give them the five-seconds of fame they deserve.

If you are looking for a great activity for both you and your pooch, consider participating in a dog parade. And if your city doesn’t have a one, perhaps it’s time to round up a few other canine lovers and get one started.

Beyond the costumes and fancy floats, dog parades are typically tied to humane societies where you can help make a difference for an animal in need. Also, a parade is a great way for you—and your dog—to make new friends. These parades remind all who see them of the great joy dogs add to life, so whether you are participating or just enjoying the show, parades give some much needed attention to our four-legged friends.

Some cities hold their dog parades on or near holidays. If you want to find out if a city near you is holding a dog-friendly event, be sure to check out bringfido.com. This website will help you search and locate worldwide dog events with more than 70 percent of events benefitting humane societies. Regardless of timing or foundation, many have great names such as “Paws on Parade,” “Mardi Growl” and  “Woofstock.”

For a small taste of the possibilities, check out these pictures from a Halloween themed dog parade in New York City.

See what great fun a parade can be? If this motivates you to organize a parade in your city, or even just your neighborhood, here’s a helpful article to get you stated.

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Dogs on Parade

Photo courtesy of PhoDographer.

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